Nordkyn Peninsula Snowmobile – 5 days Expedition

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All about the Nordkyn Peninsula Snowmobile – 5 days Expedition.
Available: February – May
Enjoy the fantastic panorama view over the fjords and climb exciting mountains with absolute no vegetation.
Experience this snowmobile expedition to the most extreme and exciting nature area of the European continent.
Overnight at “Adventure Camp Mehamn”, comfortable fisherman’s cottages – on the seawater!
Snowmobile trails that crosses breathtaking panoram as you cannot even imagine. High mountains, deep canyons, and crystal clear blue arctic sea water when driving along the typical Norwegian fjords.
All these exciting adventures presented and guided by Vidar the Viking, local Norwegian guide living at Mehamn, the northernmost fishing village of the world.
The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

Price includes:

  • transfers to and from Mehamn airport
  • meals and accommodation
  • Snowmobile/clothing rents & gasoline
  • Vidar the Vikings guide services
  1. Day 1 Arrival at Location
    Arrival at Mehamn Airport. Welcome by guide from Nordic Safari. Transfer to Adventure Camp Mehamn. Check in at Fishermen’s cottages built on the sea water. Light meal in the restaurant. Information on next day’s program. Overnight.
  2. Day 2 Nordkyn peninsula trails.
    Nordkyn peninsula trails.
    Driving along the exciting trails of Nordkyn peninsula. Sight seeing Sletnes lighthouse – Panorama view over the Barents Sea.
    Coffee break at the lighthouse.
    Driving along the crystal blue seawater of Risfjord.
    High speed driving along Lake Koifjord.
    Climbing up the steep mountain sides of Sandy Mountain – Enjoying the fantastic panorama view over the fjord districts.
    Descending down the breathtaking down hills to Skjånes fishing village.
    Small exotic peaceful village – driving through the village situated by the calm crystal clear fjord. Lunch at Skjånes.
    Climbing up the hills again and braking off for the rough exciting hilly canyons of the fjord district of Hopsfjorden.
    Driving Iversfjord – Kobbvika – valley.
    Back over the high speed planes of Nordkyn peninsula.
    Down the Mehamn valley and back to the “Adventure Camp”.
    Refuelling at the gas station of Mehamn.
    Sauna and bath in the Arctic Ocean.
    Traditional seafood dinner.
    Deep sea fishing trip or King Crab Fishing Safari with Our motorcruiser, MS Barents Explorer. Fishing for Cod or the enormous kingcrabs. Delicious seafood, bringing back the catch to our “Restaurant Chef”
  3. Day 3 Nordkyn Peninsula West
    Breakfast at Adventure Camp Restaurant
    Nordkyn Peninsula West
    Driving along the west side of the peninsula, down the Vika valley canyons to Laksefjord, to the virgin Nordmanseth bay. Breathtaking panoramas.
    Driving down to Kjøllefjord fishing village, walking the streets down to Lunch at the local restaurant.
    After lunch we are heading for the Barents Sea again driving the high speed terrain out to the abandoned fishing
    village Skjøtningberg. Alternatively Dyfjord, fishing village in case of rough weather.
    Coffee break at the sandy beach watching the waves of the Barents sea.
    Heading along the valleys and canyon Oksevåg up to the high lands again –  returning to Mehamn.
    Returning by snowmobile to “Adventure Camp Mehamn” along the high
    mountain tracks
    Driving the snowmobiles on board the coast express ship, Hurtigruten
    Cruising two hours – Passing Nordkyn, the northernmost point on the European mainland 71. 08.N – Northern latitude!
    Arriving at Mehamn harbour, driving the snowmobiles off the ship, returning to the Adventure Camp.
    Sauna. Traditional Dinner. Overnight.
    Day distance: 150km
  4. Day 4 Mehamn – Laggo – Mehamn
    Mehamn – Laggo – Mehamn
    Driving across exciting mountains with absolute no vegetation. Riding snowmobiles over the mountains to Hopseidet, descending down to the sea level, driving over the 600metres of land that connects Nordkyn Peninsula to the mainland, with panorama view over the two fjords Hopsfjord and Eidsfjord.
    Climbing up the Smielv valley to the open high speed end less planes of the Nordkyn Mountain.
    Driving down the valley to Bekkarfjord through the forest area Laggo valley.
    Climbing up the mountain areas before descending down to lunch place – Outdoor Lunch
    Climbing up the forest covered valleys and down to Laggo Valley.
    Following the frozen Laggo River down to the Barents sea and the bay of Laggo.
    Climbing up the mountains enjoying the panorama of Laggo fjord.
    Driving the Nervei valley down to the totally isolated Nervei fishing village.
    Coffeebreak at the pier in Nervei – hearing the latest news from the local fishermen.
    Driving up the Nervei valley north, cruising back to Adventure Camp Mehamn along the long planes of Nordkyn Mountains and Hopseidet mountains.
    Arriving at the Adventure Camp.
    Hot sauna and cold beer. Traditional seafood dinner.
    Day Distance 200km
  5. Day 5 Departure day
     Departure by plane from Mehamn airport.
    Thank you for the expedition and welcome back again!

Sevettijärvi - Tsaarajärvi

Adventure Camp Mehamn

The Adventure Camp Mehamn is located on the Holmen peninsula just across the Harbour of Mehamn fishing village.

Position: 71.02.00 N – 27.50 E

800 metres from Mehamn Airport.

We can offer 5 high standard  Rorbu Fisherman Cottages with 3 bedrooms , each one With 2 single beds, complete equipped kitchen with dishwasher, living room, wifi, flatscreen tv, wc/bathroom, entrance hall, Separate Storage and drying room for outdoor Equipment / clothes.

Balcony With Furniture and a fantastic panorama view of Mehamn Harbour

In our room department we offer 5 rooms with a shared kitchenette, showers /wc.

Facilities for outdoor wilderness adventures all year around in a relaxing atmosphere with a panoramic view over the village of Mehamn and the Barents Sea.


Adventure Camp in Mehamn:

  • 18 separate camping car parking places with electricity, wifi and service room for all campers
  • Wifi
  • Sauna, showers
  • Reception with local information and rental service of wilderness equipment
  • English, French, German and Norwegian speaking guides with local and wilderness expertise available
  • Conference room
  • Seafood Restaurant by prior booking
  • Outdoor relaxing areas
  • Fully equipped pier and marina for deep sea fishing
  • Catch preserve, deep freezer, boat rental, boat charter
  • Marina for visiting boats

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