Snowmobile Expedition in the land of Polarbears – 5 days

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All about the Snowmobile Expedition in the land of Polarbears – 5 days.

Available: End April to Middlle of May

I am happy to invite you to an exciting expedition on this archipelago located on the top of the world between 74° and 81° north.

We will follow the footsteps of the first known visitor, the Dutch explorer, Wilhelm Barents. He discovered the islands in 1596. During the 17th century there was a large scale of whaling in the summer months and after that followed the trappers. In the 18th century, explorers like Umberto Nobile, Roald Amundsen & Fridtjof Nansen made the area famous (search for these names in the library – nice to know).

In the 19th century, an American called John M. Longyear started mining coal and gave the Norwegian capitol its name – Longyearbyen. Today with 1000 inhabitants. In addition to the Norwegian mining town Longyearbyen, there is one Russian settlement -Barentsburg With  700-1000 inhabitants. The archipelago is under Norwegian sovereignity and ruled by Norwegian laws.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

Price includes:

  • transfers to and from Longyearbyen airport
  • meals and accommodation
  • Snowmobile/clothing rents
  • Gasoline and Vidar the Vikings guideservices
  1. Day 1 Arrival at Location

    Arrival at Longyearbyen. After arrival, welcome by Vidar the Viking and transfer to local hotel, Relaxing, Time for sightseeing Longyearbyen, Dinner & overnight

  2. Day 2 Southeastern part of Spitsbergen


    The snowmobiles are ready outside the dealer. We pack the sledges with sufficient gasoline, team/personal equipments and the food. Two of the sledges has a aluminium  material box where we put all the equipments and food. This protects and keeps dry.

    Start driving to South Eastern part of Spitsbergen, passing Barentsburg- the Russian city. Sandwich bag and thermos lunch on the way. Dinner and overnight in rooms at Isfjord Radio, local radio station with good wine cellar, hotel rooms and sauna.

    Travelling around at Spitsbergen is like travelling back to another time of age. The scenery is totally white with glaciers, pack ice, no vegetation and high mountains with narrow valleys around them.

    Perfect scenery for snowmobiling. Polar fox, seals, special Svalbard reindeers, grouse and if lucky; polar bears (not guaranteed), will be part of the adventure. We will be followed by 2 guides, but as it is in Finnmark and Mehamn area, the weather decides everything. Variations from clear blue sky and midnight sun all the day, to sit stucked in a cottage or tent for one or two days, can happen.

    The midnight sun starts from 22nd of April at Spitsbergen. But, as long as we make the correct preparations, with the principe SAFETY FIRST, it will be a fantastic week and I feel privileged to make this expedition with You!!

  3. Day 3 Looking for the polar bears


    Driving along the desert beach, looking for the polar bears and seals. The route is Orus valley – Greenfjord Glacier – Fritjof Glacier. This is real polar bear land! Lunch on the way. Snowmobiling along the coast of van Mijen fjord to the Norwegian Svea mining village, visit Kvalfjord at the east coast, returning to Isfjord Radio. Sauna and Dinner, overnight at Isfjord

  4. Day 4 Crossing the Spitsbergen


    The longest and hardest day of the expedition. Today we are crossing the Spitsbergen continent at the narrow part, from the east coast to the west coast. Driving out from the Svea village, starting the wilderness area. Routing Kjellstrøm valley to Agardbay – Mohnbay.

    Polar bear photo hunting, driving along the coast to try to discover the polar bears, outdoor lunch on the way.

    After lunch heading Agardh valley, Sassen valley towards Tempel fjorden. Passing van Post Glacier front continue to the former Russian Mining village Pyramiden.  Dinner and overnight at the village Hotel.

    We have to face that this is a big organisation and a complicated expedition to do. But with team work we can make it.

    We can also make it an comfortable expedition with personal touch and service that no other company in the world can do!

    EQUIPMENTS: Satellite telephone, emergency satellite sender, Gps navigation, rifles to protect against polar bears, rescue insurance, special thermo wear designed for use in this areas.

    Personal Equipments: plastic cup, plastic plate dinner, plastic plate soup, knife, fork & spoon, bag for equipment on snowmobile, Small backpack, Two pairs of thick woollen socks, 2 pairs of woollen gloves, LED head lamp, outdoor knife and thermos bottle. Each person will get a weight limit of 20 kg for personal equipments to take with.

  5. Day 5 Russian mining village Pyramiden


    Driving along the fjords and visiting the abandoned Russian mining village Pyramiden and the Nordenskiold glacier front on the way back to Longyearbyen.

    outdoor lunch on the way. Delivering the snowmobiles and the equipments to the dealer – celebrating with sauna and local gastronomy .

  6. Day 6 Sight seeing, shopping Longyearbyen

    Sight seeing, shopping Longyearbyen.

  7. Day 7 Departure day

    04:30 Flight back to home destination via Oslo

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