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Three Nordic Countries – 5 days Expedition

From: kr 27.500,00

All about the Three Nordic Countries – 5 days Expedition.

Available February and March

Welcome to the longest winter holiday in Europe. 850 kilometres on snowmobile through the most remote and wildest landscapes of Sweden, Finland and Norway.

When driving through Norway we will have a taste of Russia too, as we are driving along the Russian border on our way to the goal of the journey – Kirkenes by the Barents sea- the most far east city of Norway.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

Price includes:

  • transfers to and from Kallax airport Sweden
  • all meals and accommodation
  • Snowmobile/clothing rents & gasoline
  • Vidar the Vikings guideservices.
  1. Day 1 Arrival at Location

    Arrival at Kallax airport Luleå, Sweden. Minibus transfer to camping cottages at Rutvik. Check in. Dinner at the restaurant. Overnight at cottages

  2. Day 2 Northern Swedish Lapland


    Starting snowmobiles – heading north for the forests of northern Swedish Lapland.

    Lunch at Niemisel village.

    Towards the afternoon we are driving to Sandsjärv, a little village north west of Överkalix.

    Sauna, local Swedish beer and dinner.

    Overnight at timber cottages.

    Day distance 150 km

  3. Day 3 Swedish border to Ruokavaara


    Start from Sandsjärv.

    Driving along the Swedish border to Ruokavaara, Korpilompolo, Kivijärvi and Ohtanjärvi, or an alternative route Narken, Tarendö to Pajala.

    Arriving to Pajala old village – worldwide known for the Pajala market – the event when the people from Norway, Sweden and Finland met together to do trading in the good old days

    Sauna, dinner and overnight in cottages.
    Day distance 150 km

  4. Day 4 Start towards Finland


    Start towards Finland – from Pajala we are driving into the mountain areas of Finland, passing south of Ylläs
    mountain, Kittilä, Kapustaselkä, Tiukavaara.

    Lunch in the forest.

    Overnight at Nuttio near Rajala – a real timber jack cottage in the forest.

    Sauna and self prepared dinner.

    Day distance 150 km

  5. Day 5 Deep snow area of Finland


    Deep snow region.

    We are today driving in the most deep snow area of Finland. Do we manage to drive the beautiful route direct north to Tekojärvi – or do we have to take the extra long track via Sodankylä?

    The God of snow will decide that – and we do not know before the evening of 4th day,  on the news of the local Sami people.

    This is life in Finnish forests!

    The goal of today is Kakslauttanen, dinner and overnight in timber cottages.
    Day distance 150 – 200 km

  6. Day 6 Along the Russian border


    Driving along the Russian border. Today we are crossing the border of Finland, Russia and Norway.

    With special permit from Finnish authorities, we are driving out of official tracks to the Norwegian border at upper Pasvik – at Pilulagate. Passing the triangle of borders between Finland, Russia and Norway.

    Passing the most remote national park of Norway – Upper Pasvik – where several brown bears are sleeping over the winter. Hopefully we do not wake them up…

    We are driving down this virgin valley, populated by wilderness farms in order to represent Norwegian society along the Russian border. Lunch by the campfire in the forest.

    In the afternoon we approach Pasvik Taiga guesthouse, wide
    known for their gastronomic specialities. Outdoor bubble bath, sauna and looong dinner.

    Overnight at guesthouse.
    Day distance 100 km

  7. Day 7 Departure from Kirkenes airport


    Minibus to the Russian border, sightseeing and shopping in Kirkenes city.

    Departure from Kirkenes airport to home destinations via Oslo.

    Congratulations to the first European Snowmobile Safari from Luleå, Sweden, through Finland to Kirkenes Norway – 850 km. – Demands respect !!!

    Thank you for an unforgetable Adventure!

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