Arctic Extreme – 7 days Expedition


Arctic Extreme – 7 days Expedition

Available: February and March

Discover the most extreme area of the European continent, the Nordkyn peninsula. Feel the enormous white plains in the fjells like white deserts, wild and silent, surrounded by the crystal clear blue Barents Sea. The service car will follow us at the road, with all luggage. Physical demands: Expedition for people with good health. Physically hard expedition with average distances 200 km


Above the Polar circle up to the north of Norway. Reach the capes of the north in this exceptional snowmobile safari. Filled with adventures in the Finnish Lapland and Finnmark, Norway.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance

Price includes:

  • transfers to and from Rovaniemi airport,
  • meals and accommodation,
  • Snowmobile/clothing rents,
  • Gasoline and Vidar the Vikings guideservices.